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North Vernon Abstract Co., Inc is an issuing agent for two of the largest title insurance underwriters in the nation, and is a member of the Indiana Land Title Association and the American Land Title Association.

North Vernon Abstract Co., Inc. was founded in 1969 by Rosalie Day. Ms. Day had extensive experience in the title industry, working for Security Abstract Co in Wichita, KS; Smart & Johnson Abstract Co in Columbus, IN; and as the manager of Beeman Abstract Co. in North Vernon. From our earliest days in a single-desk office in the back room of Stark Real Estate, to the present time in a modern building located at 20 Main St., North Vernon Abstract Co., Inc has prided itself on its prompt, efficient, and accurate service to its customers.

In 1978 North Vernon Abstract Co., Inc. purchased the assets of Beeman Abstract Co., becoming the only title company in Jennings County, Indiana. Our title records, combined with the Original Entry records we acquired from Beeman Abstract Co., give us the only complete title plant in Jennings County. Our continual updating of our title plant allows us the opportunity to offer a very quick turnaround on orders that are placed with us.


Presently, our company employs a staff of four.  After serving as President of the company for 29 years, Ms. Day retired in 1998. At that time, Larry Wasson was elected as President, and continues in that capacity to this day. 


Over the years we have also expanded our work area to cover the counties surrounding Jennings and we do offer mobile closings in real estate offices or banks in order to better serve you!

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